By ProPath Staff

Blood smear review is a critical component of the bone marrow examination due to its dynamic and intimate association with bone marrow function and systemic illness. There are two reasons why a blood smear is important:

• Several entities primarily manifest in the blood (See Table).

• It allows the hematopathologist to closely examine anucleate mature red cell morphology which is typically not done on bone marrow specimens.

Diseased marked with a (*) may be detected with difficulty on marrow exam and may be missed. Others require a blood smear for diagnosis.

Blood Smear Preparation Method:

I) Label slides with patient name.

2) Wearing gloves, lay two glass slides out and an extra slide as a glass pusher.

3) Use an alcohol swab to clean index finger. Allow to air dry.

4) Remove white cap from lancet device, press on the skin and squeeze side tab to lance skin.

5) Put one blood drop at the bottom of each of the two slides.

6) Use the glass pusher slide to spread the drop as illustrated.

7) Allow slides to air dry completely. Send slides to ProPath.

8) Put a band-aid on the finger.

For additional information, please view our Blood Smear Preparation video online by clicking HERE.