Yan H. Lemeshev, M.D.
Director, Women’s Health

Why ProPath for Women’s Health?

ProPath Women’s Health provides professional pathological interpretation of both cytologic and histologic gynecological samples using modern, evidence-based diagnostic criteria and integrating state-of-the-art molecular and immunohistochemical methods.

Our team of board-certified cytopathologists and anatomic pathologists work together with our highly trained cytotechnologists to provide accurate morphological assessment of every sample. Reporting terminology and diagnostic criteria are regularly updated based on the latest evidence-based principles. Our CAP-accredited laboratory adheres to rigorous quality control and quality improvement practices in order to ensure consistent, accurate results. To that end, we’ve even developed our own quality control system, ProCheck, that surpasses industry standards.

Our philosophy of partnership with clinicians is exemplified by rapid turnaround times and a dedication to service. Excellent information technology integration capabilities ensure that test results are quickly and accurately delivered, where and when they are needed.

ProPath’s KnowNow Web Portal gives your patients confidential access to their results – and provides you with a weekly report showing patient usage.

Our Women’s Health Pathologists

Carrie Chenault, M.D., FCAP

ProPath Medical Director

Yan H. Lemeshev, M.D.
Director, Women’s Health

Craig E. Litz, M.D.

Director, Hematopathology

Kathleen M. Murphy, Ph.D.

Chief Laboratory Officer
Director, Molecular Diagnostics

Bahram Robert Oliai, M.D.

Director, UroDiagnostics