Why ProPath for Specialty Testing?

ProPath is a physician-owned pathology group providing exceptional specialty testing to pathologists nationwide. ProPath provides the following:

  • Subspecialty trained pathologists in all areas of esoteric testing
  • In-house immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, molecular and cytogenetics laboratories
  • Access to specialists via the ProPath Physician Hotline at 866-PROPATH
  • Digital photomicrographic images on diagnostic reports
  • Extensive health plan contracts nationwide including contracts with national carriers and PPO networks

Our Specialty Testing Experts

Cary J. Buresh, M.D.

Member, ProPath’s IHC Laboratory and Consultation Services Team

Carrie Chenault, M.D., FCAP

ProPath Medical Director

Gregory A. Hosler, M.D., Ph.D., FCAP

Director, Dermatopathology

Donna J. Lager, M.D., FCAP

Director, Renal Pathology

Craig E. Litz, M.D.

Director, Hematopathology

Rodney T. Miller, M.D.

Director, Immunohistochemistry

Kathleen M. Murphy, Ph.D.

Chief Laboratory Officer

Director, Molecular Diagnostics

Bahram Robert Oliai, M.D.

Director, UroDiagnostics

Cory A. Roberts, M.D., FCAP

Director, Gastrointestinal Pathology