Kathleen M. Murphy, Ph.D.

Chief Laboratory Officer
Director, Molecular Diagnostics

Why ProPath for Research Services?

ProPath is a physician-owned pathology practice providing exceptional research to oncologists nationwide. We have worked with a variety of investigators performing translational research.  A few examples include:

  • A pharmaceutical company doing a clinical trial using a FLT3 inhibitor to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). We are performing the FLT3 mutation testing to determine eligibility for the trial.  In addition, for patients who go on trial, we process samples to store cells and plasma for future testing.
  • We provide pathology services to academic researchers, including Johns Hopkins University faculty, to ensure that their specimens are adequate and appropriate for their research activities, which helps improve the accuracy of research results.  In addition, we perform a variety of molecular techniques including nucleic acid extraction and micro-satellite instability (MSI) analysis.
  • A biobank company that provides clinical specimens to researchers. We perform a variety of tests to molecularly characterize tumors.  This gives researchers access to clinical tumor specimens with specific genetic alterations.

We work with IVD manufacturers at various stages of assay and/or instrument development.

  • We provide previously characterized clinical specimens which are used for assay optimization.
  • We have performed comparisons of assays produced by different manufacturers and presented our findings in oral, abstract, and peer-reviewed publication forms. Examples include comparisons of FISH probes and HPV tests.
  • We perform beta testing of instrumentation and provide feedback on a variety of aspects of the instrument’s performance.