Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of outpatient anatomic and full service, hospital-based pathology services.

Our Mission

We will provide timely, reliable, and innovative pathology services to our medical partners with the goal of unparalleled patient care.

Our Values

ProPath is a physician-owned, patient-centered pathology group built on the principles of scientific excellence, superior service, medical partnership and sound business practice.

About ProPath

ProPath is a team of board-certified pathologists recruited from top-tier medical centers and academic institutions around the country. They are subspecialty-trained experts in the fields of dermatopathology, women’s health, gastrointestinal pathology, hematopathology, immunohistochemistry, podiatric pathology, renal pathology, urologic pathology and molecular diagnostics.

ProPath has surrounded its physicians with an unsurpassed, internationally-recognized laboratory utilizing a proprietary tracking system that focuses on the patient’s biopsy specimen every step of the way.  However, ProPath is more than a lab; it is also a medical practice. ProPath’s physicians not only diagnose many rare and complicated cancer cases, but also prevent incorrect diagnoses and treatment.

With a focus on patient safety, ProPath has invested in today’s technological advances to bring results directly into their clients' systems. 

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Expert Diagnoses. Quality Care.